One thing is for sure. The Bible doesn’t tell us much about Simeon and Anna. We do know that they were both at the temple hen Mary and Joseph took Jesus to be circumcised. As I have been doing research on Simeon and Anna I have gained a respect for the both of them. So what did God see in them? Why would God choose to include them in the story of Christ? Was it to show us that people were expecting Jesus? Was it to show us that people actually paid close attention to the prophets and believed what the prophets said? I would speculate that part of the reason why God included them was to show once again that God uses the most unlikely people. The passage in Luke doesn’t tell us much about them…it tells us more about Simeon than Anna but I think they were both as important but for different reasons. (I’m not going to state them here…you’ll have to hear the sermon to get those). I think we can safely say that both of them were;

  • expectant of the consolation of Israel (the coming of Jesus)
  • they were ready for it
  • they were both Godly people
    • the Holy Spirit was with Simeon
    • Anna was a prophetess which the Talmud only recognized 14 women as such
  • they were both worshiping at the temple (it is unknown if Anna live at the temple or was present every day for worship services. Most scholars go with the common thought that she was present for the worship services each day never missing one)

God chooses the most unlikely people to be the ones he uses. Look at us…we are unlikely people in the eyes of the world. Most of us the world would never even give a chance. Even if we are popular in Christendom chances are we still are not popular to the world and many of our popular people are not even known by the world.

But God through his grace chooses to use us…much like he used Simeon and Anna. It’s a humbling thought.

How are you preparing for the Messiah this year? Take some time and draw near to him. Prepare for him…you won’t be disappointed.