Our pastor was reading through Christian computer magazine the other day. He was surprised to see that they had a major article on the Christian online dating site http://www.Relationships.com He was in talking with our secretary asking her if she had ever heard of such a thing then they called me in. I tried explaining to him that it made perfect sense for them to run an article on it because computers are such a huge part of our lives today and social networking is huge right now. We had a little conversation on it…

Then it happened.

He and our secretary had been scheming behind my back. Little did I know I was about to have a proposal put forth. He looked at me and said, “We thought we would sign you up for it.” I couldn’t believe it. I then told him that those things cost money and that there’s no way I would pay from my own pocket for it(because I’m cheap). He then looks at me and says with a straight face, “We will even pay for it.” Alright so I’m getting something for free…so I took them up on it. I did the profile thing, filled out the essays and even found out my core color. So now I have an upgraded profile and I’m waiting to see what happens. Will this be a wast of $50 for them or will I find true love?

I’m guessing they just wasted $50.