I can’t believe our Christmas drama has finally come and gone. After 5 performances and over 1k people seeing it this year I am ready for it to be done. Each performance was special in it’s own right. I have said it before but I will say it again…God has really blessed our church. We know of at least one lady who accepted Christ as a result of the drama. She said she knew God was speaking to her even before she got to the drama that evening. How awesome is that? Now we just have to clean up the aftermath of it all. It’s always funny to see how it takes 2 months of hard labor to build a set and 6 hours to tear it down. Here are some final thoughts on our drama;

  • 135+ people from our church had a part in our drama this year
  • 1 person accepted Christ as a result of the drama
  • sheep poop sweeps up off of carpet fairly well
  • our drama team is not only creative but they can also write a really great script
  • next year don’t leave the little kids unattended
  • the camel will cost us $5k to use in the drama
  • watching people from the body work together to complete a kingdom focussed task is awe inspiring