I just read a post over at Pastor2Youth.com on the choking game. The article cited was from LifeWay. It’s an interesting read on the choking game. I found out 7 of my middle school guys were doing it at the Green. Needless to say it has been dealt with…for now. Here’s a clip.

Dr. Thomas Andrew, Pediatrician and New Hampshire Chief Medical Examiner, says, “The danger [with the choking game] is pretending it doesn’t exist. Kids already know this game; it’s the parents who are clueless. You have to talk about it. It’s not as if you’re telling them something they don’t already know.”

How do you deal with this one when it and if it comes up in your group? I talked my guys about the risks of death involved in this. I did this when I was in high school (14 years ago) and I understand why they do it…to a point. It’s a euphoric feeling…that is passing out and coming back to. It feels like you have cheated death for a split second. The problem is, of course, it only takes one time for the death card to be dealt on your life (so to speak).