I was thinking about paradise today. I don’t think it is abnormal to think or dream of a perfect place. As the human race we often try to create a paradise or a perfect place while we are living on earth. Some of us try desperately to turn our homes into this little corner of paradise. Some of us try to turn our offices into a 4 wall paradise. How about our ministries? Do some of us strive to make our ministries a paradise for those who encounter the ministries we are over? I think we sometimes do. We offer the latest in technology, cultural trends, numbers, and even selfish motives. I really think deep down we sometimes think (albeit on a selfish level) that our ministry is perfect. Sometimes we turn our heads to the things that make it less than perfect. I am guilty of both of the last two statements. Why am I guilty? Because I am an ego-driven male that wants things his way. I am fallible.

Over the past few years though I have been learning to do things His way. To lead students not to my paradise but to lead them towards His paradise…the Kingdom of Heaven. To lead them into living a life full of expectation. Expectation of the love of the Father. Expectation of heaven…paradise. Joy. Wonderment. Excitement. Fulfillment. Eternal life with the Father who loves them. The Father who sent his son to die for them. The Father who gave his all for them. Today I am striving in the things I do to allow God to use me to draw people to him. I still get in the way from time to time. It’s a learning process…one I’m not good at yet. I am learning.