I am ready to take in some good ‘ole tryptophan and take a nap this afternoon. Trytophan is the chemical found in turkey that makes you sleepy. Today I was looking it up on Google and I found an interesting article about it in the Star Tribune out of Minneapolis, MN. . Check it out here. Here’s a short clip of it…

At some point tomorrow the family know-it-all will explain why everyone’s sleepy: “It’s the tryptophan! Turkey has a natural sedative, and that’s why you want to pass out.” It’s conventional wisdom now, which means it’s probably wrong. I’ve had turkey burgers the size of a wheelbarrow tire, and never once did I wake to find myself sprawled on the floor surrounded by busted dishes.

Looks like the old tale may not be so accurate…but I’m one for imagination and being gullible. Who’s to say that the Star Tribune has it right?