Today was a great day. I got up at 4am to travel 2 hours to watch 6 hours of middle school wrestling. As an assistant coach you always want your guys to do their best. Today they did. Here’s the run down;

  • 9 out of 13 guys medaled
  • 6 gold medals [1st]
  • 1 silver medal [2nd]
  • 1 bronze medal [3rd]
  • 1 copper [4th]
  • 1 dead deer
  • 1 wrecked van

We managed to run over a deer on the highway this morning. It was pitch black and all of a sudden there was a deer under the school van. There was minimal damage and everyone was ok. The deer got the best of the van by taking the radiator out so we had to call for another ride…at 5:30am. The deer had to be put down after we ran it over…that’s right we didn’t kill it by running it over with the van. It seems the deer died due to some severe blunt force trauma to the head after the van hit it. Ahhhh…I can smell the jerky now.